Geometry ~ Mrs. Baughman
Did you know that geometry comes in handy when duck hunting?  Students in New Tech IMG_0568Geometry used a method that was first used by Thales, a Greek philosopher, to calculate the distance to their target ducks using congruent triangles.  Students used a compass made out of meter sticks, measuring tapes and collaboration to work to find the exact distances of the ducks they were hunting on the football field.  The students created  congruent triangles on the east side of the band tower and bleachers to calculate the distance to the ducks. The essential understanding was “If two triangles are congruent, then you know that every pair of their corresponding parts is also congruent.”
Sophomore, Russell Hepler shared, “I think this project went really well and was a lot of fun. What went well was our communication img_0563.jpgskills; I feel we communicated well to each other and I thought it was fun trying to get past the confusion.”  Sophomore, Sam Steck also enjoyed the activity.  He shared, “It was a fun and engaging activity.  Everyone seemed motivated and worked the whole time.  Solving the problem was a fun and interesting task.”
Although the students thought some things could be improved, Hepler stated, “It was a blast trying to find the right angles and length.  I think this project can only go upwards from here.”