Student Bloggers:  Nahla Namasté, Hannah Wilson & Caitlynn Shipe, grade 10

Media Lit Facilitators:  Mrs. Boyd and Ms. Schrock

IMG_1542The first Media Lit project to start the 2017 school year was a project which revolved  around the website Membean, a tool used to help students expand and master their vocabulary. In this project we were to pick a word from Membean and use it to describe ourselves to others so they can learn more about who we are. An outstanding example of an idea for this project was Nahla Namasté’s project entitled Abstract.   “For my project I chose the word abstract, partially because I love to use my imagination and partially because I enjoy the freedom of creativity. The mind is such a beautiful FullSizeRender (10)gift, and I want to use it to my best advantage. I chose to advocate myself and my word through art. I created a sketch that showed not only emotion but also wonder. I appreciated this project because I had the opportunity to create something to which I can relate. In addition, speaking in front of an audience not once but twice really helped me to grow as both a student and as a steward of my own learning.” The beginning of Nahla’s speech started as, “ Most people think of art or sculptures when they hear the word abstract, but what about an abstract person? I’m not talking about Picasso, but someone who is detached from physical or concrete reality. Mentally, I am an abstract painting. I have lines of thought, values of ideas, and colors of creativity painted into my mind like a masterpiece hanging in an art museum.”

Another example would be Hannah Wilson’s project entitled The Crown.   FullSizeRender (9)  “For this project I chose the word acme which means ‘the highest power of its existence.’ I chose this word to represent that I am finally becoming the highest power of my life and taking control of myself. I used an example of a time in my life when I wasn’t taking control and didn’t try in school which caused me to fail a class. I also included a quote from my teacher to depict her pride in me because I am now trying and becoming successful. I have reached new heights.  This project helped me a lot with giving presentations in front of a group of people. It also helped me to learn how my peers identify themselves.”  Overall, this project was an amazing way to start off the year and to help us students get to know our peers in a way we might not have before.

Finally, Caitlynn Shipe’s project entitled Lucidity describes a clear-headed, sensible, and rational thinker. People who are lucid possess the ability to understand things simply IMG_5175and accurately. A physical way of representing the word lucid is a clear object, like the jar shown above. Caitlynn best explains her project in her own words.  “I used this jar to show my mind and what is in it. In your head lies your interests and thoughts but, most importantly, it is home to what makes you, you–your brain. Your brain is constantly learning and growing like a plant. I included flowers in my jar to portray my ever-growing mind. I love to expand my vocabulary and explore my imagination. By incorporating a miniature book in my project, I am showing that books are the epitome of just that for me. The soccer ball that can be seen exemplifies that, by playing this game, I am very versatile and can adapt quickly. The chess piece expresses my logic-based thinking process.  I can analyze a problem and find the best solution that makes the most sense. Finally, a cross is located at the top of the jar to represent my faith, which is above everything else. Through this project, I have discovered that all of these items illustrate lucidity in my mind.”

Students created a variety of Membean projects–school bags, T-shirts, sketches, repurposed tennis shoes, clay figures, Lego vehicles and creative performances–as a way to kick off the beginning of the year with Membean.  Community partners were brought in to judge not only the projects but also the speeches.  Awards were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well as honorable mention.  Membean generously donated T-shirts and beanies to give to the winners.