August 1, 2017, marked the first day of the new school year.  The DNT freshmen facilitators rolled out a project on the first day of school called Generation DIY.  Four community partners participated in the project rollout, speaking to the students about the importance of the choices you make now and how they impact your future.


Driving Question: How do we maximize our time at DHS to break free from the stereotype, ‘Generation La-Z’?

Goal:  Student groups develop an action plan for the next four years to make Generation Z successful and prepared upon graduation at DeKalb High School.  Students must incorporate collaboration, agency, oral communication, and project based learning in the plan.  Students must make the action plan memorable, applicable, and unique!


Final Product:  Student groups create an action plan consisting of 4 proposals that any Generation Z’er can apply to their life in order to maximize time at DHS as well as prepare for future endeavors.  Preliminary action plan presentations take place to DHS teams.  Finalists present to the DeKalb County Economic Development Team.

Community Partners:  Nicole Heffelfinger, Anton King, Jeremiah Otis, and Chris Straw


Outcome:  The winning students will receive a $100 cash scholarship prize per person to use after graduation so long as the student can prove application of the action plan during 4 years at DeKalb High School.

Culminating Event:  Individually, students will create a written piece, encompassing the action plan, that serves as a time capsule to be opened during senior year of high school.