9th Grade World Bio, facilitators: Christina Lapham & Kelsey Pierce

11th Grade American Studies, facilitators:  Andy Comfort & Tim Murdock

Historically, how have people taken risks to change the world we live in today?  That was the question that provided the driving force for DeKalb New Tech’s first annual history day event.  On Friday, February 17, 2017 DeKalb High School New Tech hosted 30 community members, historians, librarians, administrators, and university professors as judges to critique all of the projects as students finalize entries for the National History Day Regional Competition on Saturday, February 25th at St. Mary’s College in South Bend.  National History Day is an academic competition with a focus on history and aims at engaging young people in the art of historical inquiry. Students that place in the top 25% of the project category are eligible for State competition in May in Indianapolis.  From there, he/she may qualify for the National History Day competition in Maryland.  Students create project entries in the form of exhibits, research papers, documentaries, websites, and performances.  DeKalb High School will be entering students in all categories of the competition with entry titles such as, “Puttin on the Ritz with Elizabeth Arden”, “E.L. Cord’s Economic Empire”, and “Aldofo Kaminsky: A Free Forger”.  DeKalb History Day consisted of a total of 52 projects and 102 students.  A special thanks to all the judges: Dr. Tony Kline, Joan Eardly, Tarah Brennan, Samuel  Miller,  Jordan Blank,  Riley Larkin, Cathy Vick, Jerry Zonker, Sharon Zonker, Megan Moss, Roy Martin, Jean Wells, Pam Reynolds, Matt Toth, Marcus Wagner, Lisa Conrad,  Kevin Allison, Jan Hewitt, Jamie Briley, Andrew Bigelow, Amy Neal, Steve Teders, Carol Fike, Lori Vaughn, Julia Tipton, Wade Buchs, Kelly Renier, Matt Vince, Matt Whonsetler,  and Sherry Crisp-Ridge.  Please stay tuned for the results from Saturday’s Regional Competition in South Bend.


Freshman World Bio student Caitlynn Shipe prepares her exhibit Nixing Nixon for DeKalb History Day Judging.


Freshmen World Bio students Koral Alvord and Rachel Ramon receive feedback regarding their National History Day website entry from Dr. Anthony Kline, Dean of the Franks School of Education at Trine University, and Tara Brennen, Student of the Franks School of Education at Trine University.

Freshman World Bio student Madison Camp receives feedback regarding her National History Day paper entry from DeKalb Teacher Carol Fike, DeKalb New Tech Director Kelly Renier, and Jan Hewitt of the Eckhart Public Library.

Special thank you to all DeKalb History Day judges! Back row Left to Right: Andrew Bigelow, Wade Buchs, Matt Vince, Steve Teders, Lori Vaughn, Sherry Crisp-Ridge, Matt Whonsetler, Carol Fike, Roy Martin, Sam Miller, Jordan Blank. Front Row Left to Right: Julia Tipton, Jan Hewitt, Amy Neal, Lisa Conrad, Joan Eardly, Riley Larkin, Tara Brennan, Pam Reynolds, Cathy Vick, Megan Moss, Dr. Anthony Kline, and Kelly Renier.