Student Blogger:  Madison Camp, 9th grader

Consumer Communications Facilitators:  Mrs. Evans and Ms. Van Straten

As New Tech Barons, we go to different places in the community and present the projectimg_6332 that we have been researching. We do this to interact with people of the community and show the people of DeKalb county what we have been working on. In my Consumer Communications class, a mix between Business and English, we have been working on a mock trial. This trial is called The Baron Bank Trial. As we began this new project, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it until halfway through. Using my opinion and finding evidence that it was, in fact, true and persuading the jury that my client was not being paid fairly, was difficult yet fun.

The day of the trial, as I walked into the courtroom, I felt excitement, a kind of excitement that I had never felt before. I was so intrigued about the designs on the walls, the intensity of the trial that was going to happen, not knowing who was going to win, the history of past cases that were held in this exact courtroom, and the passion for wanting to learn more. Later that night, I thought about the trial and how happy I was when we won.

Being mixed in many different career choices, I still didn’t know if this was what I wanted to do until the next day. The day after our mock trial we toured the courthouse. I walked into the huge, stunning building and felt the same excitement. Listening to the lawyer who was giving us the tour and talking about the cases he has done made me want to learn more. I realized then that this is what I want to do. I want to be a part of the criminal career track. When the lawyer said he was willing to do a job shadow, my heart jumped. I was extremely excited and wanted to get right to work on finding out how I could. This experience that DeKalb New Tech gave me has been exciting, and I can’t wait to learn more.

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