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World Bio Facilitators:  Mrs. Lapham and Ms. Pierce

On Friday, October 28th DeKalb New Tech World Bio students met with area professionals exploring potential topics for their current project titled “Start Primary…Become Extraordinary”. Students are creating a DeKalb County Placebook, highlighting the trends and tributes of DeKalb county, and answering the driving question “People & Places: How do you start primary and become extraordinary?” DeKalb County Placebook:Trends will feature places of interest to teens, while DeKalb County Placebook:Tributes will feature historical notable people of DeKalb County. The World Bio Class has partnered with Matt Bechdol, GeoSilos President, and Dawn Mason, DeKalb County GIS Coordinator, to create the DeKalb County Placebook. Students will be learning and implementing GIS software to create a digital story map of their chosen trends and tributes in DeKalb county.

DeKalb community members recently played a very crucial role, in helping students generate ideas for the DeKalb Placebook by participating in a classroom think tank.  Students rotated around and met with multiple community historians, attorneys, educators, entrepreneurs,  librarians, and county officials to brainstorm ideas for the DeKalb Placebook . Those who participated in the 2016 DeKalb County Placebook Think Tank include: Darcy Armstrong, Matt Bechdol, Andrew Bigelow, Lisa Conrad, Chelsea Dant, Joan Eardly, Galen Eberhart, Chad Gramling, Zach Lightner, Dawn Mason, Dotty Miller, Megan Moss, Jeremiah Otis, Becky Pfeffer, Terry Rayle, Thom Smith, and Cathy Vick. The World Bio class would like to thank and recognize these community experts for donating their time to help explore potential topics for the students’ 2016 DeKalb County Placebook.

In Geography and History of the World students are examining the physical and human geographic factors associated with the origin and growth of towns and cities, while in Biology, students are exploring cellular structure and function as it relates to cities. In addition to the DeKalb Placebook, students are currently creating analogies between cellular structure and function to their chosen megacity that will be displayed through GIS story mapping software. Students will then demonstrate mastery of these standards and skills through the DeKalb County Placebook presentation to be presented to many of our DeKalb county community partners on November 21st at the Eckhart Public Library.