Thank you to our student bloggers, Delaney Finderson and Shawn Knapp.

DigiComm Facilitators:  Mrs. Boyd and Ms. McNulty


The first project in our sophomore Digital Communications class was to write memoir poems with corresponding portraits. The memoir was based upon an important moment in each student’s life or in someone else’s life who was close to them. The memoir was written in first person, and the portrait was taken by each student to showcase the emotion and meaning carried in each memorized poem. The process began with writing memoirs in the form of a picture with a six-word memoir placed on the picture. “My contemporary family unlocked my melody” would be an example.  This six-word memoir

Shawn Knapp’s Six-Word Memoir

was imprinted on a stylized connected picture or photo. Once every student created a set consisting of a six-word memoir and a photo, he or she began to work on a rough draft of the personal memoir.  If students were enrolled in Honors DigiComm, they partnered up, were assigned a faculty member to write a memoir about, and were required to conduct a deep interview with their memoir subject. After completing the personal rough draft and the interview, the students collaborated to peer review and complete edits together and began to work on memorizing their personal poem; in addition, they started a rough draft of their honors subject poem. After continuing to peer edit and utilize memorization skills, the memoir poems were practiced in a presentation format in the classroom, although the final presentation was held at Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings coffee shop in downtown Auburn. After teacher review, each of the student’s memoir poems was set up with their edited, stylized, and connected photograph and readied for presentations at Jeremiah’s. The presentations went very well. Jeremiah was very happy to have us and both Digital Communications classes were very thankful. The overall turnout was great!  In addition, the administrative team received a private reading of several of the best poems and portraits at the high school later in the next week.

Below is an example of a personal memoir and portrait.


Why Don’t You Understand?

By Delaney Finderson

My sister and I

Very similar and so different

Constantly asked if we are twins

And yet, how can they not see

What I see?

I am starry-eyed – she is stormy

Two sides of the same coin

But one side has lost its luster and grown older

The other has a newly minted sheen

Claims, accusations, fights

Screams, tears, and now I can smell my own fear

I am afraid.

Why am I afraid?

Why don’t you understand?

An angry slam of a door

After a confrontation

The same door, reopened not long after

All that’s left is an empty room and an open window

Wind whistling by

A search, a fight, and acceptance

Why am I afraid?

Why don’t you understand?

A slow build

Apologies, forgiveness, forgetfulness

Quiet, excitement, happiness

Several months go by

The coin is flat

A sudden meltdown

A blast of anger

Screaming, crying, storm clouds

Why am I afraid?

Why don’t you understand?

Another day

Another week

Too many days to count

It’s been over a year, my sister.

Why don’t you understand?

A face-to-face

A heart-to-heart

The first in months

And the truth comes out

There is nothing left to lose

And she wants….

To leave.

To leave me.

To leave us.

Why didn’t I understand?

Too many times-

It happened too fast

I couldn’t follow

The thought pattern behind

The way you acted

The way you spoke

Or even the way you looked at me.

Now my sister says she wanted to meet God

She said I never loved her

How was she so stormy?

Was I truly that starry-eyed

That she could not see…

The love for her

In me?

Why don’t I understand?

I’m so lost and sad

I plead

I beg

I scream

Don’t leave me

I will lose my sister

And I still won’t understand why

Please don’t leave me…

My sister and I

We are two sides of the same coin

One is scarred and sad

And the other has lost its luster and holds the edges of rust

What can I do?

Again forgiveness

This time from the other side

An understanding

Promises exchanged

She isn’t leaving

Progress is made

Now we both understand

We are stepping into the light now

It’s slow steps

But we are holding hands

I can see the light in her eyes

And I know it’s shining in mine too

My sister and I

We are two sides of the same coin

But the coin is broken

We are sisters

I am me.

She is her.

We are sisters, same blood, same thoughts

My sister is always there for me

And now I promise

I will always fight to keep that light alive in her eyes

I will make sure she sees and feels how much I care for her

I will always ensure her happiness

And I will protect her.

I love her.

My baby sister