Facilitators:  Mrs. Buchs, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Lapham, Ms. Pierce, Ms. Van Straten

How can we make DeKalb County a healthier place?

Thanks to DeKalb New Tech’s freshmen file_000-2class, our county hosted its 2nd Annual Global Grit Health Fair. DeKalb New Tech freshmen students hosted the health fair at the Auburn YMCA over the lunch hours. Students created and organized 17 different informational booths to promote healthy living. Some topics covered included: analyzing food labels and what to look for, looking beyond the number of calories, proper lifting techniques, low cost games that get you moving, recognizing the signs of unhealthy eating, the effects of smoking, and many more. Along with the 17 students booths were 11 outside vendor booths of whom were formally invited by the students.

fair-booth-iiThe 2nd Annual Global Grit Health Fair was brought about by the World Bio, Consumer Communications, and Visual Verbal Communications classes. Students analyzed the 2012 DeKalb County Health Assessment and Indiana Indicators. These documents showed students our community is not practicing healthy living; therefore, the students decided they wanted to host a health fair to inform and educate our community on ways to practice good health. With this project containing multiple disciplines including: Biology, Geography and History of the World, English, Art, and Business, students applied their knowledge and skills in planning and organizing this event. Students educated the public on healthy living using their Biology and Geography knowledge, students created attractive booths with a transformational art piece to captivate their audience using their art knowledge and skills, students advertised the event, collected door prizes, and secured outside vendors using their business knowledge and skills, and students read Chew on This, an informational book about the history of the fast food industry. Students applied their knowledge from all classes to host this successful event.

fair-booth-xAttendance to the 2nd Annual Global Grit Health Fair was estimated to be about 60 to 75 guests. The DeKalb New Tech freshmen class would like to thank all that attended, and hope their guests enjoyed themselves just as much as the students did, especially Drake Dangler, a DeKalb New Tech freshman. Dangler described the project as “so fun it didn’t even feel like a project!”

The DeKalb New Tech Freshmen Facilitator team is very happy with the students’ work in implementing and applying their learned knowledge and skills to host such a fun and informational event! The students successfully completed their task in making DeKalb County a healthier place. Look for our 3rd Annual Global Grit Health Fair in the fall of 2017!

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