We believe students need to build real-world skills, develop a growth mindset, and graduate with the qualifications to thrive in future endeavors.


We empower student through professional authentic, and relevant learning opportunities which allows students to practice the skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.


We engage in project-based learning with a community focus.

At DeKalb New Tech, we want our students and staff to engage in professional, authentic, and relevant learning experiences.  We strive to go far beyond the textbook and bring education to life.  Whenever possible, we connect with community partners who interact with our students and provide authenticity to the learning.  


  • Emphasize collaboration and teamwork
  • Demonstrate learning by presenting in front of authentic audiences
  • Develop self-advocacy by pitching and promoting project ideas
  • Foster integrity


  • Become contributing citizens by engaging in community partnerships
  • Problem-solve and think critically throughout the various layers of a project
  • Promote an environment of curious exploration
  • Create unique work


  • Connect topics to students’ lives
  • Pose real world issues in projects
  • Experience course content
  • Develop skills for success in any career